Anonymous asked:

Yo, that tye die thing? How exactly does one go about folding the shirt up that way?

Okay it’s hard to explain but I’m thinking of doing a tutorial video for the tie dye shirt. Then it’ll be easier for you to see it.

sydneygrace24 asked:

Do you have any ideas to make my room look vintage theme? I have a really small room and a really tight budget.

Use whites and pastel colors in your room. The light colors will make your room appear bigger. Also antique your furniture and accessorize with other antiques. If you need anymore tips or ideas feel free to ask!

kalenmccabee asked:

Thank you! That's what I normally use, but do you soak it in vinegar or anything? Mine never turn out

No I don’t usually do that. But after I dye it I rinse it in water with the rubber bands still on and then I let it dry for the rest of the day again with the rubber bands still on it. After that I unfold it and let it lay flat to dry completely.